"The Cadillac of Stills"
Our stills are built using
Paul Revere Copper the Best Copper available.

We only use the best products available and spare no expense when building Quality Stills.
Highly polished and tested before shipment.
No still is shipped unless it meets our unmatched standards.

"Steve, I just received the Still and I gotta say that it is sweet! Packaging was bomb proof and the still is literally artwork! I tip my hat to you and the crew on the craftsmanship. Beautiful braze joints man. I see a #19 on the Owens plaque and nowhere else, is that the assigned # out of 100 that you've made? Thanks again for the quality, can't wait to get some heaven dripping outta her! Oh and how does a guy go about getting one of those sweet logo shirts?"
Glenn Cote
-New Customer

The Finest Stillz On Earth

Nobody Builds Like Steven Stillz!

Call Steven @ 978-457-5366 to order privately

100 % Hand Made with Paul Revere 20 oz, 99.9% Pure Copper

We only Use Lead Free Silver Bearing Solder And Water Based Flux In The Construction Of Our Stills

When you buy a still from Stillz your going to be guaranteed you are buying the best still you’ll find for the money. 

We are the the oldest and best still company in the USA and have sold more stills than all the other companies combined!

“The Cadillac of Stills”

We Know How To Build Quality Stills and Actually Use Them.

Do They?

In Business for over 25 years and not slowing down.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Completely Satisfied For Any Reason.

If you are looking for a Copper Moonshine Still

Look No Further, You’ve Found

 “The Best Built Still On Earth”

Our products

Every craftsman at StillZ has had in high-level, in depth training. The quality of our products reflect just that. When you see one of our stills we want you to think ..

“wow, now that’s a piece of Art” 

We want to show you the best we can. By having up close photos of the finest details. There’s nothing worse than receiving a product that doesn’t live up your expectation. We will not be one of them.

Take a look!

We have a variety of Products. From Hobbyist to Commercial Stills. Customize one just for you, the choices are endless.


StillZ has worked hard to ensure each Craftsman has soldering skill that are Industry Leading

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You’ve come to the right place to find a Still. We build the best moonshine stills for beginners to experts. If you are looking to get into distilling at home or thinking about opening a distillery we are here to help. We build everything from home distilling kit to large distilleries. Looking for a Reflux Still ? We build them Too!

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