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-Steve Stillz – 978-457-5366

***pictures are all grouped together, you will not receive an electric system  or burner unless it’s the Still you’ve ordered***


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50 Gallon - Cap Logic



-50 Gallon Pot with Pasco Temp Gauge, Ball Valve & Vacuum Break

  • Height: 47″
  • Diameter: 20″
  • Line Arm Length: 24″
  • Total Set Up Length: 72″

-5 Gallon Thumper

  • 1 Ball Valve Drain
  • 4″ Stainless Port on Top
  • Union Assembly with 12″ long, Cross Pipe

-5 Gallon Worm

  • 14 ft. of 1/2″ Coil
  • In/Out Hose Connections

-StillZ Electrical Heating System (electric systems only)

    • (2) 220 Volt PID Controller And Temperature Probes
    • (2) 5500 Watt Electrical Elements

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