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Our Stillz are 100 % Hand Made with Machine Cut, 20oz, 99.9% Pure Copper. All Parts are Rolled, Hemmed and beaded for superior structural integrity. We use 100% Lead Free Silver Bearing Solder. Built by Highly Trained, Industry Leading, Professionals.

One of the biggest issues and concerns we hear from customers, is about leaks. We take all precautions to insure there are no leaks in our products!. All Employees are highly trained in soldering. Techniques that insure, very neat, clean solder beads. Not so thin they crack but not so thick that it looks like it was slapped together without care for craftmanship. Each item is water tested as they’re built and again after the entire Still is completed. This Process includes filling each item with water then adding air preassure. Making it very rare for a leak to get by us.

You’ll know you got a Stillz when you see our craftmanship and the attention to detail. Our Soldering Quality is Top of the Line. You won’t find a better built Still. Just have an upclose look at our pictures.

100% Satisfaction Gaurenteed

We use 99.9% Pure 20 oz. 22 Gauge Paul Revere Copper! My Heavy 20 oz. copper will not burn or dent as easily as the 16 oz. paper thin copper stills that are offered by many other companies. I buy directly from Paul Revere Copper Co. 

My Stills are built to Last. We take pride our work and it shows!! 

We offer 6 – 500 Gallon stills and also offer Electric Upgrades, Sight Glasses, and Accessories, Burners, Reflux Towers and more… If you want it, we’ll build it.

I also offer the purchase of stills privately by check (CALL STEVE 978-457-5366)

You will be Impressed with the quality of your StillZ Still or your money back. Our Stills are built to Last. 

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