StillZ 4" Agitation Port for the Professional Distiller

StillZ 4" Professional Grade Agitation Port™ For Copper Moonshine Stills UPGRADE
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  • Item #: STZ-AGP4
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Price $210.00

Agitation Secrets of the Professional Distiller! 

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Agitators are commonly used by commercial distillers because of the agitator's ability to force interaction between the wash and it's distillates. Home distillers are catching on and want to reap the benefits of the efficiencies offered. Agitators can speed up heatup and distillation times by up to 50%

 If you are looking for ways to improve your conversion rate, you may consider adding an agitator. We will be happy to add an agitation port to your StillZ Copper Moonshine Still so you can add your own agitator to improve the turnover rate of your wash.


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