Moonshine Still 1 Gallon Super Condensing Worm

Moonshine Still 1 Gallon Super Condensing Worm
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Moonshine 1 Gallon Super Condensing Worm
(Allow 6 Weeks for Delivery)

Made from heavy 20 oz. 99.9% copper and built to last
a thump tank is basically a condensation trap.


 Worm—a copper tube, usually sixteen to twenty feet long which is coiled up so that it stands about two feet high and fits inside a barrel. Water flows around it for condensing the steam which passes into it from the still.

All Stillz Stills and Accessories are fully Tested and Work Perfectly!

 Know what you Own!  

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Operating Details:

·         Fill it with your mash and seal the cap using Teflon plumbers tape of black electrical tape for a nice clean seal and your ready to go! (no messy wheat paste) Or upgrade the cap to our new Cap Logic Cap for a perfect seal in seconds!

·         This still is designed to be used on a propane stand burner.

·         This stills components do not need to be used in a straight configuration.

·         Use outside for flammable concoctions and when using a fired system such as propane, wood and natural gas.

Great Addition to Your "Mantown" Collection of “Fire it Up”.

Make Me A Reasonable Offer! …. this is a well made big still.
I Guarantee you will Love this Still.

International Buyers NOTE:
If you live outside the US and want one, be aware that shipping costs for boxes of this size internationally is very expensive and you need to contact me. 

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