Moonshine 1 Gallon Super Thump Keg (Thumper)

Moonshine 1 Gallon Super Thump Keg (Thumper)
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Moonshine 1 Gallon Super Thump Keg Thumper
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Made from heavy 20 oz. 99.9% copper and built to last
a thump tank is basically a condensation trap that supercharges the distillation process. 

1 gallon thumper also known as a thump keg 

As alcohol boils out of the "pot" a certain amount of water evaporates with it. Some smart old timer discovered that if the vapor is bubbled through more fermented wash that was heated only by passing the steam through it.

The Alcohol re-vaporizes but the water and heavier undesirable materials remain trapped in the thump keg, thus the thump keg increases the efficiency of a pot still typically by 35-50% Greatly increasing the strength of the alcohol on the first pass "Stripping run" (where the object is to "Strip away" most of the water.)

 An even greater efficiency is acheived on the second pass through the still if you do a "Spirit run" with all the collected "first runs" saved up and run through the still the second time. Generally when doing a "Spirit run" the thump keg is "charged" with pure clean water, because as always it's primary function is to trap higher boiling fractions that you don't want.

 Separating the "heads" is done at the beginning of the spirit run, because the separation is easier to do at the higher proof levels. The important thing to understand is that the thump keg should not be filled more than 1/3 full, because it is also there to prevent an overfilled pot from "puking through" the worm... but if the thumpr is overfilled it will "puke through" the worm itself.

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Great Addition to Your "Mantown" Collection of “Fire it Up”.

Make Me A Reasonable Offer! …. this is a well made big still.
I Guarantee you will Love this Still.

International Buyers NOTE:
If you live outside the U.S. and want one, be aware that shipping costs for boxes of this size internationally is very expensive and you need to contact me. 

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