Copper Moonshine Still-100 Gal-Micro Distillery Complete Kit

Moonshine Still for Sale - 100 Gallon Copper Electric Still
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Price $9,900.00

Copper Moonshine Still-100 Gal-Micro Distillery Complete Still Kit! Commercial
(Allow 6 Weeks for Delivery) 

It's No Wonder that so Many Micro Distillers and Craft Distillers Choose this Kit!

This still will produce 20+ gallons at 140 Proof !
How do I know?... My Family has Built Stills for Generations and I actually use my stills!

If someone tells you 
you'll get more... BEWARE, they have never used a still.

 !!! 20 oz. 22 Gauge Copper !!!

My Stills are Built to Last and Last

That's Why so Many Commercial Micro Distillers
Are Choosing StillZ 

"Nobody Builds like Steven StillZ"

Other Sellers Have Tried to Duplicate My Stills but...
Don't Even Come Close.

My Competitors Even Buy My Stills as Prototypes to See 
How a Well Made Still like Mine is Actually Built.

How can I offer such a well built heavy copper still at such
a competitive price?

I have invested lots of $$$ in cutting machinery and buy my 
20 oz. 22 ga. copper in bulk passing on the savings to YOU!


That's right, you'll get 20 oz. copper for the price of 16 oz. 

!!! 20 oz. 22 Gauge Copper !!!

My Stills are Built to Last. 
I Take Pride in My Work and it Shows in Every Detail 

My Heavy 20 oz. copper will not burn or dent as easily as the
Flimsy 16 oz.Paper Thin Copper Stills That are Offered on eBay and Elsewhere


You're Looking at One of My Finest Micro Distilleries!! 
You Won't Find Another Like it Anywhere.

This 100 Gallon Heavy Copper Moonshine Still and it is Made to Order.
The Still that I Build for You will Look and Operate Exactly like the 
one Pictured.
Please be Aware that I do Not Assemble Your Still Until You Order so that it Can be Made to Your Requirements.
Please Allow 23 to 30 Day Ship Time on This Still.

The Main Pot is 30 inches by 64 inches Tall with the Whiskey Head on it 
and 72 inches Tall with the Reflux Head.

The Reflux Head is 6" x 30" and Includes a Temperature Gauge and Three Sight Glasses that are 2 inches. 

The 15 gallon Thumper is 13 x 24" Tall with a Drain and
4 inch Stainless Ferrule Cap System.
The Worm is a 30 gallon Copper Worm that is 16" x 34" Tall
with a Half inch Coil and Hose Connections.
The Pump System for agitation is a 1200 Gallon per Hour
Stainless Head and a 1 1/2 Horsepower 115 V Heavy Duty Motor.  
The 2 PID Controllers are 220 V with 11,000 total wattage for the elements 
2 elements at 5500 W each. 
The whole still put together is 7 feet long.
You Will Need a Level Area and A Source of Cool Running Water
Such as a Garden Water Hose.

The Copper Thump Keg also known as a "Thumper" or Doubler",
is 15 Gallons and Has a 4" Food Grade Stainless Steel
Ferrule, Cap, and Clamp on Top for Adding Material for Brewing Different Concoctions and Also Comes with Bypass Tubes 
if you Prefer Not to Use it.

The Biggest Benefit of the Thumper is that it Actually
Increases the Strength of the Distillate 
by Redistilling the Product Passed From the Main Pot.

The Copper Condensing Worm, Also known as a "Worm" or
"Condenser", is a Huge 30 Gallons with 1/2" Copper Worm 
and 3/4" Food Grade Brass in / out Hose Connections.

This Still is Made With 20 oz. 99.9% Pure Copper, 
High Grade Silver Solder and Food Grade Stainless for the Thumper Cap.
It also has 1 Professional Grade Temperature Gauge Located
2/3 up from the Bottom of the Main Boiler.

All of the Seams are Hemmed and the Main Boiler is also Riveted for Durability

This Heavy Copper Moonshine Still is Delivered by FedEx Freight, 
comes in 1 Huge Crate and is Very Heavy. 

If You are Interested in Starting a Micro Distillery... 
This is the Still You Want. It has Everything!
It will Produce 20+ Gallons on a Single Run!!!
I Build "ONLY THE BEST" !!!!

If You Would Prefer to Make this Purchase Private I Can Make that Happen Too.


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